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  • How do you get there?

We use a large van to transport our equipment (including the Pink Drinks Van!) to the location. This means everything stays safe & dry no matter where we are travelling to. This does mean that we need a good flat area to unload our van when we arrive. Please also keep in mind that our TukTuk can not get up or down stairs/ steps.

  • What are the measurements?

Our TukTuk is 1.4 metres wide, which is just the right size to fit through most double doors or gates. If you think a space might be tight, please let us know in advance of booking and we can double check.

  • What numbers can I book for?

This depends on the service you book. For example, our Pink Drinks Van is best suited to larger numbers as we use kegs to serve from and each keg contains 140 glasses of fizz and are booked whole. (it's not possible to store the keg once opened).

  • What if there is only a small amount of guests?

If your event is smaller, our Prosecco Wall is the perfect solution! The wall can hold up to 54 glasses at a time and shelves can be removed where necessary to meet your needs.

  • What are the prices?

All of our packages and prices are listed on the Packages & Bookings page. We are always happy to confirm a price or discuss a bespoke option with you - just get in touch!

  • Can the van be self service?

We are always happy for you to come behind the bar and pour yourself a glass of fizz (it makes a great photo op!) However, our van can not be hired with out staff. Our staff are trained & licensed in the safe sale of alcohol and the van can not be operated with out staff present. If you would prefer self service drinks, our Prosecco wall is PERFECT!

  • Can I change the cocktail menus?

Sure! If you have any special requests or would like to switch/swap any of our cocktails on the menus - just let us know! 

  • How do I book?

You can book through the packages & bookings page if you already know all the details, or alternatively get in touch with us via email to discuss your booking and we'll send through a quote. We do require a deposit to secure your booking date.

With out a deposit being paid, your date is not secured. 

Got a question for us? Get in touch! We're always happy to answer any questions you have for us, or chat over your booking/ plans in more details. Head to our Contact Us page.

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