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Our first event..

So far our Prosecco TukTuk has been on a fair few adventures!

From our very first event - the Swindon, Old Town Christmas lights, switch on, to our most recent - Wedding fairs, we have thoroughly enjoyed every single event we have attended so far, but it hasn't all been plain sailing for us!

Let me start with our very first event: the Christmas lights switch on....

As some of you know already, we transport our TukTuk prosecco bar via trailer. It means we can travel anywhere!

Some of you may also have noticed, our Prosecco van has three wheels. (you may see where this is going...)

This brought to our attention the slight issue of getting it up on the trailer for the first time... we use ramps of course! And it seemed the most logical thing to do was go up the ramps backwards, as there are two wheels at the back and only one at the front.

Get the two wheels on safely and we're fine, right??

Ready in the drivers seat of the TukTuk, we begin to back up... everything was going great! All our Prosecco is in the TukTuk all ready for our event tomorrow and everything is staying put fabulously.

Until we got a little too close to the edge of our ramp, causing it to flip over... prosecco filled TukTuk and all!

Luckily some of our lovely unit neighbors offered to help us out and fix everything up, just in time for our event!

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